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Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Killer Photoshoot

When wedding dresses socialise… Beware !!! You have a problem, one which has frustrated countless brides since Eve tempted (conned) Adam with the forbidden fruit.  You’ve seen two wedding dresses, maybe even three, and you can’t make your mind up which one is for you.  Should it be that little slinky number?  Or the classy
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Kim – A Closer Look at a Fifties Inspired Wedding Dress

Fifties Inspired Wedding Dress – Close-up Images We thought visitors might like to see the fine detail of one of our all time favourite dresses Kim, from our fifties inspired wedding dress collection, The Manhattan Collection. In the images you can see examples of the fabric and lace: a dark ivory duchesses satin silk overlaid with
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Kim – A 1950s Wedding Dress at Sera’s House

1950s Wedding Dress photoshoot by Archibald Photography We just love this collection of images by Mark Archibald, taken in November 2011 on our vintage photoshoot at ‘Sera’s House’ near the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.  Kim, one of our 1950s wedding dress designs had never really been photographed and we badly needed some cracking
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Kim – Turning Back the Clock on a Fifties Wedding Dress

Fifties Wedding Dress photoshoot by Archibald Photography There is something special about black and white photography. If we strip away all the colour from the image then it can easily become bland, boring, unexciting. However when taken in black and white, some images suddenly take on a new life: suddenly we pay close attention to
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Avec l’amour de la belle France – Robe de Mariée Vintage

A Wedding Made in Heaven? Once in a while we receive a client’s wedding photos which just blow us away.  In the case of Celine’s wedding, we were scooped off our feet and dropped into deepest 1920′s France in one enormous gust!  Wow, if ever there was a ‘wish we were there’ wedding, then this
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Connie – Vintage Wedding Dress Photoshoot at Sera’s House

Vintage Wedding Dress photoshoot by Archibald Photography To show a Vintage Wedding Dress at it’s very best, we wholeheartedly believe that we need to place them in exceptional surroundings, and use the services of professionals who are at the top of their game. Therefore when we decided on a complete make-over for the web site
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The Manhattan Collection at The Cornhill

Another Fun Fifties Wedding Dress Day Out One thing we enjoy at LF Couture is a day out at a photoshoot. And when the inspiration for your latest dress comes from a magazine article on fun fifties wedding dresses, and you are itching to show off the resulting design, then it takes very little excuse
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Connie – 50s Wedding Dress Up Close

Detailed images of a 50s Wedding Dress. When we launched our 2011 Manhattan Collection, a selection of iconic 50s wedding dress designs, the first dress to be designed was Connie. A stunning and flexible dress, Connie is made from beautiful guipure lace with guipure lace edging and silk lining, and comes as standard with a
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Connie – Shades of Grey

Fifties Inspired Wedding Dress photoshoot by Archibald Photography Over the years we have visited some fantastic locations in search of the ideal photoshoot, but we were blown away when we visited ‘Sera’s House‘, close to the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. Our photographer Mark Archibald, and David had searched high and low on the
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