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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mae – Twenties Inspired Vintage Wedding Gown

Mae, a photoshoot in Sepia of a very ‘Twenties Inspired Vintage Wedding Gown’, by Archibald Photography. Ever thought about some Sepia images in your vintage wedding album?  No?  Well before you rule it out have a look at the images in this little post. Sepia toning is associated with a bygone era and was used from the
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Loretta – A day at The Dome

Loretta, photographed at ‘The Dome’, Edinburgh, images by Archibald Photography. There has been so much written about Peacock feathers as to whether they are bad luck or good luck.  See the post from our Voodoo Rooms photoshoot for our thoughts.  Plus there are some really good pics there too. If you are the kind of girl
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Loretta – An Explosion of Colour

Loretta, photographed at ‘The Voodoo Rooms’, Edinburgh, images by Archibald Photography. There has been a lot written about Peacock feathers over the centuries, often whether they bring good luck or bad luck. To be honest, when we designed ‘Loretta’ we had only one thing in mind. Fun! We sure believe we hit the nail on the
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Lilian Adding a Little Class at The Dome

Lilian, our Art Deco coat steps back in time – The Dome, Edinburgh, images by Archibald Photography. There are few of our designs that we enjoy making as much as our Art Deco coat, Lilian.  Luxurious in the extreme, and perfect for a chilly winter wedding, we can easily picture Lilian gracing the recent Hollywood set
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Lilian – The ultimate Twenties Wedding Accessory

Indulge yourself in what may be the ultimate twenties wedding accessory, Lilian, our luxurious vintage inspired coat, beautifully photographed by Archibald Photography. Of all the silent movie’s greatest stars, Lilian Gish’s name was the first which came to mind when we wanted to name our first twenties wedding accessory for our ‘All That Jazz‘ collection. If
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Lilian – A Vintage 1920s Coat

Lilian, a Vintage 1920s Coat, beautifully photographed in ‘House For An Art Lover’, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s award winning house, images by Archibald Photography. Glasgow’s fantastic ‘House for an Art Lover‘ was the location for our very first vintage Photoshoot.  And one of the highlights of the day were the images taken of our Vintage 1920s Coat,
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Gloria – Art Deco meets Art Nouveau

Gloria, an Art Deco inspired wedding dress photographed in ‘House For An Art Lover’, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s award winning house, images by Archibald Photography. When two artistic of fashion styles clash then the results can be somewhat ‘unfortunate’. Not when our 1920s Art Deco inspired ‘Gloria‘ had a day out at Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s wonderful Art
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Gloria – a Hint of ‘Antique’

Gloria, Antique Wedding Dress Photoshoot, images by Archibald Photography. I think from of all the images which came out of our Sara’s House photoshoot last year, our favourites were the ones taken of Gloria.  It’s hard to believe it but a few photos were actually even taken in the toilet.  Eeeek, I hear you say.  But
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Greta, 1920 Wedding Dress at Sera’s House

Greta, struts her stuff at our 1920 Wedding Dress photoshoot, images by Archibald Photography. The 1920′s: A decade which changed the fashion world. In vogue and the choice of the wealthy, were fabrics such as silk, velvet, and satin, and these were therefore favoured by the decades top designers.  While for the ‘not so wealthy’ the department
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Greta – Devon Photoshoot

Greta and Mary, off to Devon for a vintage day out. It seems like a long way do go for a photoshoot, but, hey, how often do you get to go on a ‘partly funded by the taxman’ trip to the glorious county of Devon? So we packed up a few of the dresses in
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