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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Alessia and David, Trieste, Italy, 2011

It seems a long time ago since we first met Alessia and her then fiancé David, late 2010 to be exact, and when we contacted her recently to see if she would mind if we put her wedding images onto our website, we really did not know how easy it would be to make contact.
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The Ultimate Second Wedding…….

Or is it the third?  Or the fourth? ? ? ? One of the fantastic up-sides of doing a job like ours is the fantastically varied opportunities we are presented with in our day to day business life.  Whether that be making a beautiful dress for a beautiful bride: styling a really unusual photoshoot in
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Katherine and Jason, Lindisfarne, 2011

Kind words from a lovely couple. Katherine had seen her dream dress, ‘Ros’, as she said, several years earlier, and we were so lucky that she kept the promise she made to herself that one day she would wear it down the isle. After her initial trip to our studio, Katherine and Jason came down
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Deco – Twenties Wedding Headpiece

Deco, one of a collection of twenties wedding headpieces to compliment the ‘All That Jazz’ collection. “Stunning, and so elegant”: our initial thoughts when we saw ‘Deco’ for the first time. We had asked for something ‘floaty’, something which would shout ‘Flapper’ from the rafters, and we got it. If you are looking for a
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Charleston – A Vintage Headdress

Charleston, one of a collection of vintage headdresses to compliment our ‘All That Jazz’ collection. Vintage headdresses from the twenties are difficult to find in good condition, which is one of the reasons we commissioned a range of 1920′s inspired designs to compliment our ‘All That Jazz‘ collection. Since then, the most popular design in
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Cloche – A Twenties Headdress

Cloche, one of a collection of twenties headdresses to compliment our ‘All That Jazz’ collection. Probably the most iconic headwear of the twenties, the cloche hat was invented by milliner Caroline Reboux in 1908, and remained popular until the early thirties. Its name is derived from cloche, the French word for ‘bell’, and the hats
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Jazz – A 1920s headdress

Jazz, one of a collection of 1920s headdresses to compliment the ‘All That Jazz’ collection. In the 1920s headdresses were flamboyant, dramatic, and a statement of the modern woman’s new found freedom.  ’Jazz’ follows this  vision.  Crystal embellished strands sweep up across the head and down to caress the face, lending an air of sophistication
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Mary at the House for an Art Lover

Mary Wows the House for an Art Lover – Award winning Vintage Wedding Dress Images by Archibald Photography. One day Back in October 2009 we were delighted to receive a call from Donna Marshall at Archibald Photography .  As you may or may not know, we have been lucky enough to have Mark Archibald take the majority of
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Mary – Sophisticated Twenties Wedding Dress

Mary, Simple but Sophisticated – a Collection of Twenties Wedding Dress Images by Archibald Photography. We love our dresses so much that we sometimes struggle to find a location for our next photoshoot.  Basically we believe that visitors want to see interesting images, not just beautiful dresses.  Whether that is true or not is debatable, but
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Mae – Shabby Chic Twenties Wedding Photoshoot

Mae, visits Sara’s House for a Shabby Chic Twenties Wedding photoshoot , by Archibald Photography. In recent years ‘Shabby Chic’ weddings have become more and more popular. What is ‘Shabby Chic’ when it comes down to a wedding? In a few words, we would describe it as a ‘stylish’ wedding, one where unashamedly good taste is
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