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A Killer Photoshoot

A Killer Photoshoot

When wedding dresses socialise…

Beware !!!

You have a problem, one which has frustrated countless brides since Eve tempted (conned) Adam with the forbidden fruit.  You’ve seen two wedding dresses, maybe even three, and you can’t make your mind up which one is for you.  Should it be that little slinky number?  Or the classy evening number your mother prefers?  You ask your bridesmaid or a friend, but still you can’t decide.  It’s starting to get you down because you know which ever one you choose, you will always think: “did I make the right choice?”

Well Lindsay Fleming and Dottie Photography have a simple solution.  Send the dresses away on one of Mandy Carter’s photoshoots, put your feet up, and wait to see which dress survives.  

One slight drawback may be the bloodstains on the remaining dress, but at least you will have one less worry tonight.

Feeling Good

When Mandy from Dottie Photography contacted us, she won us over instantly.  It had to go down as the craziest request for a photoshoot we had ever been asked to be involved in………..

“How would you like to help me with a photoshoot I’m pulling together based on the board game ‘Cluedo’?  I’m looking for dresses for the three main female characters, can you help?”

Cluedo Photoshoot

Well there has to be some fun in life, we can’t work all the time, so we jumped at the chance to contribute to Mandy’s call to arms.

Two of our dresses were perfect.  Crazy, fun lovin’ Loretta, was perfect for the mysterious ‘Miss Peacock’, while the sexy Gloria jumped at the chance to play the quiet and angelic ‘Mrs White’.  And just to keep them company, and warm if the need should arise, the dishy Lilian tagged along for the ride.

So the scene was set, obviously after lots of hard work from Mandy and her crew, for a photoshoot to put all other photoshoots in the shade.

Can’t wait until we get the call for a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ shoot.   Big Smile


© Lindsay Fleming Couture, 2013 Up
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