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Some facts.  Not many, but every one true.

Lindsay Fleming Couture are ‘Grace Lindsay’ and ‘David Lindsay’ based in Scotland.  We are award winning bridal designers specialising in creating wedding dresses for the ‘individual’, not the ‘masses’.

We work in only the finest fabrics available as we believe you, the bride, deserve nothing less.  We believe our designs also deserve nothing less that the best fabrics available.

From our earliest days, way back in 1997, we have specialised in bridal designs which are just ‘a little bit different’ from the norm.  Unique, just like you.  Designs you will never find on the ‘high street’ or elsewhere on the internet.

All our dresses are made here in Scotland by our own fair hands.

We do not import them from the ‘Far East’, or from anywhere else come to think of it.

We have seen them on various sites.  Copied.  Even with our own images promoting their sale.  Are they cheaper than our dresses?  Yes: sometimes by an unbelievable amount.  Are they as good?  Not a chance.  Just remember, you get what you pay for.

If you want to know more about us, unfortunately you will have to come see us here in beautiful but rainy Scotland, or catch us as we jaunt around the country to various fair’s and shows.  We don’t bite, in fact we really are quite nice.  Honest!

Connect with me on Google+ at +Grace Lindsay or with David on Google+ at +David Lindsay

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