Twenties Inspired Headdress
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Twenties Inspired Headdresses

Twenties Inspired Headdresses

To compliment our ‘All That Jazz’ collection, a beautiful range of Twenties Inspired Headdresses…..

When we designed our ‘All That Jazz Collection, a unique range of 1920′s inspired wedding dresses, we realised that to complete the look we were after we would have to source some exceptional twenties accessories. This turned out to be a lot more difficult than we had anticipated, due to the passage of time, and the condition we found many of the accessories were in. We also quickly realised that if we were finding it difficult to source beautiful accessories in excellent conditions, our ‘All That Jazz‘ clients would probably have the same problems.

The solution we felt was to commission a range of twenties inspired headdresses which would compliment our wedding dresses. This would mean that clients could be confident that their outfit could be accessorised without worrying where they were going to find the perfect headdress. There are four pieces in the collection, each beautifully made, and designed to make you look special on your wedding day.

Click on the images above for a detailed look at the each twenties inspired headdress, and do not hesitate to contact a designer if you have any questions.


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Lindsay Fleming Couture are proud winners of The VOWS Awards, Scottish Bridal Designer, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2013


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