Connie, a Fifties Vintage Wedding Dress
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Connie – Vintage Wedding Dress Photoshoot at Sera’s House

Connie – Vintage Wedding Dress Photoshoot at Sera’s House

Vintage Wedding Dress photoshoot by Archibald Photography

To show a Vintage Wedding Dress at it’s very best, we wholeheartedly believe that we need to place them in exceptional surroundings, and use the services of professionals who are at the top of their game. Therefore when we decided on a complete make-over for the web site we came to the conclusion that we had to start with a collection of first class images.

When Mark from Archibald Photography got wind of the project he just about turned cartwheels. He could see it as a chance to let his creative juices run wild, and the opportunity to work on an exciting project from start to finish.

Our first step was to find a location which would complement our dresses. This was doubly difficult because we wanted to shoot both our fifties vintage wedding dress collection, and our twenties collection, All That Jazz, on the same day. We could find plenty of locations which would suit one or the other, but finding somewhere with the right look for both collections was turning out to be a real problem. Finally we found a house in London which looked just perfect for the shoot. At first I ruled it out because it looked just too busy, in fact it just looked as if the dresses would disappear into a sea of clutter. However with years of experience getting the perfect image, Mark could see through the problems, and his instinct told him this was the ideal location.

So off we go with a car full of dresses to the bright lights of the capital, and for a weekend of hard work and a whole load of fun. To say we had a busy day was a bit of an understatement, but boy was it worth the hard work. The owner came back to her house at 6pm and almost had to throw us out. On more than one occasion, “Just one more shot please” was the plea. We just did not want to stop. However, stop we had to do, and the talk in the car back to the hotel was all about what a great day we had all had. We only hoped that the final images would be worth all the effort.

There was certainly no reason to worry about the outcome, as this post with a series of images of Connie from The Manhattan Collection testifies. We were absolutely delighted with the results: they were everything we had been looking for. Click on the image above to see all the photos of Connie.

For full information on Connie, ‘the’ fifties inspired wedding dress, take at look at her own page.

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