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Greta, 1920 Wedding Dress at Sera’s House

Greta, 1920 Wedding Dress at Sera’s House

Greta, struts her stuff at our 1920 Wedding Dress photoshoot, images by Archibald Photography.

The 1920′s: A decade which changed the fashion world.

In vogue and the choice of the wealthy, were fabrics such as silk, velvet, and satin, and these were therefore favoured by the decades top designers.  While for the ‘not so wealthy’ the department store carried the less expensive designs made of newly available synthetic fabrics.  However, this meant that although not being able to afford the more expensive fabrics, the woman in the street was finally able to be fashionable and to dress like her on-screen heroines.  Just about any girl could be a ‘Bow’, a ‘Swanson’ or a ‘Garbo’.

When we designed Greta however there was only one fabric we were ever going to use.  Silk, which was once only the fabric for the wealthiest in society, is now much more affordable.  And really nothing quite compares to silk when it comes to wedding dresses.

For full information on Greta, an 1920 Wedding Dress, take at look at her own page.

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