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Claudette – 1920s Wedding Gown

Claudette: a picture perfect 1920s wedding gown. 

One look at our 1920s wedding gown, Claudette, conjures up images of the 1920′s ‘new breed‘ of Western woman: they wore short skirts, frequented jazz clubs, bobbed their hair, but most of all, flaunted their distain at what was considered to be ‘acceptable behaviour’.

Inspired by the most iconic twenties style, the ‘flapper’, Claudette is made from beautiful silk backed velvet, with iridescent ivory embroidery embellished with AB crystals around a dropped waist and at the top of the bodice. Around the waistline at the points of the embroidery, clusters of ostrich feathers can be attached for added detail. However the most stunning part of the design is the ‘handkerchief’ skirt made from 20mtrs of pure silk tulle, which gives the dress an uneven hemline reminiscent of the ‘roaring twenties’, floating elegantly as you walk.

Finally, why not compliment your dress with one or more of our fantastic twenties inspired accessories? We have a fantastic range to make your day even more special, including headdresses, gloves, coats, and bolero’s.

To find out more about Claudette, an iconic twenties wedding gown:  contact a designer .


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