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Claudette, a 20s Wedding Dress Photoshoot

Claudette, a 20s Wedding Dress Photoshoot

Shabby Chic meets 20s Wedding Dress, by Archibald Photography

What happens when you take a fantastic ‘shabby chic’ location, add a team of talented individuals, a beautiful young lady, and one very special 20s Wedding Dress?

Simple: an unforgettable photoshoot, and a collection of images to die for.  That’s exactly what happened last year during a great day out in Sera’s House.

Our pre-photoshoot instructions to our photographer, Mark, were quite simple.  We wanted images which would make people fall in love with the idea of a twenties wedding dress firstly, then secondly with the dress.  In other words, we also wanted a number of shots which did not necessary show much of the dress, but were so alluring that they drew the viewer for a deeper look.

The image above in my opinion does exactly that.  Apart from possibly doing a good job of selling the beautiful headdress (which we can do if that’s what you are after), it shows very little of the dress. You can see that there is some delicate embroidery and maybe that the style is not your normal wedding dress, but apart from that, it gives very little away.

I hope you feel the same way about this image as I do, and click on the gallery to look at further pictures.  If you do, then my initial project spec hit the spot.  If not, then why not have a look anyway?  You will enjoy the images.

For full information on Claudette, a 20s wedding dress, take at look at her own page.

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