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Gloria – a Hint of ‘Antique’

Gloria – a Hint of ‘Antique’

Gloria, Antique Wedding Dress Photoshoot, images by Archibald Photography.

I think from of all the images which came out of our Sara’s House photoshoot last year, our favourites were the ones taken of Gloria.  It’s hard to believe it but a few photos were actually even taken in the toilet.  Eeeek, I hear you say.  But I can assure you, there are toilets and then there are toilets.  Try and guess which ones were taken there .

“The house was just a joy to take photograph in.”, said Mark that evening while we enjoyed a little celebratory drink.  ”Just wait to you see the images.  I’m really excited.”

True to his word, we adored the images, especially as we said, the ones with Gloria.  Have a look through the gallery, and remember, try to guess which ones are in the toilet? (If it really matters to you, drop me an email).

For full information on Gloria, an antique wedding dress, take at look at her own page.

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