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Greta – Elegant Twenties Wedding Dress Photoshoot

Greta – Elegant Twenties Wedding Dress Photoshoot

Greta, one of our most elegant twenties wedding dresses, photographed at ‘House for an Art Lover’, by Archibald Photography

One day, a few years ago now, Grace and I were having our usual morning coffee, putting the world to right, when right out the blue she said: “Do you think there is much of a market for a range of ‘twenties inspired’ dresses?  A collection completely different to what’s out in the market place.”

I new exactly what had brought the question to the table.  The night before we had watched the very first episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ on Sky TV, and as usual Grace was more interested in the clothes than the plot.

“Don’t ask me, you’re the one with your finger on the pulse” I replied, fine well knowing that the seed was already planted, and the tide was not for turning.  We spent the next hour searching the internet for twenties wedding dresses and we were shocked that there was almost nothing available.  Yes, there were some ‘E-bay’ sales, some pics from great-grannie’s wedding and a few designers who mentioned that they got their inspiration from a 1920′s frock, but truthfully there was not a lot out there.

Greta was Grace’s very first dress in the collection, named after probably the era’s most famous screen star (choosing the name is always my job – the pressure is enormous).  Made from sandwash silk crepe, she is a straight, loose fitting dress, typical of the fashions of the 1920′s, and seemed like the perfect design to begin with.

Fast forward three years or more, and several new additions to the collection, we have the ‘Great Gatsby’ about to hit the big screen.  The word on everyone’s lips is twenties fashion.  The internet is now full of Twenties style clothing, both original and inspired, and the last couple of years has seen an explosion in vintage inspired weddings of all era’s.

So have a good look at all the dresses in our collection, hopefully there is a gown just waiting to put the ‘Gatsby‘ into your wedding.

For full information on Greta, an elegant twenties wedding dress, take at look at her own page.

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