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Joan – What a Difference a Filter Can Make to a Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress

Joan – What a Difference a Filter Can Make to a Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress

Those of you who have decided to have a vintage inspired wedding dress may still have to decide on the style of wedding photos with which you wish to record your big day for posterity. Obviously this may sway your decision on which photographer to choose if you have not already selected one. If and when you chose your photographer, think about having a chat with him or her about the possibility of adding some variety to your album, in the form of black and white images, or even sepia toned images.

To show the difference between the three main styles we have created a short gallery of images with a sample of each for you to compare. These shots of Joan from our Manhattan Collection were taken by Mark from Archibald Photography on our ‘Sera’s House’ photoshoot in November 2011. With the advent of high quality professional digital cameras, there is no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it. Years ago your photographer may have carried several cameras around with him, with one already loaded with black and white film. Now you can have the best of all worlds.

Colour images are perfect to capture the vibrancy of flowers, decorations, and food, and to record the events of the day. Black and white photographs have a classic nostalgic look. Some images just look better in black and white: they can have a clarity, simplicity, and frankness that you just can’t find in a colour image. Sepia photography is a subset of black and white, where the photographer will tone his black and white images to have a warm brownish look. Sepia images tend to have even more of a nostalgic look than black and white.

When the wedding is over, and you are sitting down with your photographer to select the images to show your vintage inspired wedding dress to it’s best, ask him what he thinks about adding a little variety by considering alternative styles. It is ‘the spice of life’ after all.

For full information on Joan, a Fifties Wedding Gown, take at look at her own page.

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