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Julia & Ross, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, 2012

Julia & Ross, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, 2012

Julia “I didn’t want to go near a wedding shop as I didn’t want to be pushed in to buying something i wasn’t interested in and had heard a few horror stories and so was a little scared of what I might find. Originally I hadn’t even wanted a wedding dress, just a fabulous one and I didn’t even want to wear white or ivory or anything like that. That was until I happened upon an advert for Lindsay Fleming. I looked online and met her at the wedding show at the ‘House For An Art Lover’ and fell in love with every dress she had with her!

I arranged a meeting at her studio in Abington and decided on two dresses. The first was a drop waist that flowed beautifully and the second was the one I ended up deciding on.  It was comfortable to wear and I didn’t feel stuck or suffocated and it didn’t dig in at all! Grace, the designer, made it all so easy, she wasn’t pushy and allowed me to show the dresses to everyone and discuss them without interfering or asserting her opinion. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a high quality, beautifully designed, made to measure dress that they want to fall head over heels in love with. I love the fact that my dress to glance at was quite plain and almost unassuming but had such interesting features and style that it drew you in and captivated you! The material of my dress was also very unusual, it was a silk velvet which make it reflect lovely in the light and was very soft to touch. Grace uses a lot of lovely, delicate and unusual materials that really make the designs a thing of perfection. I really couldn’t have asked for more!”

Taken from Julia’s initial email response to a request from ‘Best Scottish Weddings’. 


Readers who opened their Autumn 2012 copy of ‘Best Scottish Weddings‘ would have read an excellent article titled ‘Timeless Memories’, which described the wedding day of Julia Waclawski and Ross Niven.  Julia, from Glasgow, had first seen our designs on line and had noticed that we would be attending the wedding fair at ‘House for an Art Lover‘, the venue where she would eventually be married over a year later.

At the show Julia admitted that she found it had to make up her mind as to which of our ‘All That Jazz‘ designs she preferred, but felt that she had narrowed it down to two designs, ‘Gloria‘ and ‘Mary‘.  Finally after a visit to our studio in Abington, the decision was made. It was ‘Mary‘, a simple but sophisticated gown made in stunning silk velvet.

Over the following months, Julia methodically pulled together all her careful plans for her twenties inspired wedding, before finally picking up her dress in March 2012.

A few months later we were thrilled to receive an image by email from Julia’s big day, but even more excited when we heard that Julia’s wedding would be featured in the Autumn edition of the excellent publication,  ’Best Scottish Weddings‘.  The big day was beautifully captured by the talented Glasgow photographer, Gail Photography, whose images can be seen in the on-line copy of the magazine article, and on the Gail Photography website.


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Lindsay Fleming Couture are proud winners of The VOWS Awards, Scottish Bridal Designer, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2013


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