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Loretta – An Explosion of Colour

Loretta – An Explosion of Colour

Loretta, photographed at ‘The Voodoo Rooms’, Edinburgh, images by Archibald Photography.

There has been a lot written about Peacock feathers over the centuries, often whether they bring good luck or bad luck. To be honest, when we designed ‘Loretta’ we had only one thing in mind. Fun! We sure believe we hit the nail on the head.

However maybe we should have taken the superstitions into account when we booked our very first Loretta photoshoot, in the fantastic ‘Voodoo Rooms’ in the centre of Edinburgh.  As far as photoshoots are concerned it is one of the most challenging we have ever had to do.

The first hint of trouble was when we arrived at the venue.  We knew that it had the most fantastic windows, which would let light stream into the bar.  Or so we thought.  On turning the corner the whole building was covered in scaffolding and ‘orange’ plastic.  AAAARGH!

Once inside it became very apparent that finding ‘scaffold free’ images was going to be somewhat challenging.  Mark, our photographer was unperturbed.  ”Piece of cake,” he said.  ”When you’ve done as many weddings as I have, then you’ll know what I mean”.

So we let him get on with doing his thing, and pulled out the next dress to photo.  AAAARGH!  The wrong dress!!!  A full photoshoot booked.  Model, photographer, venue, hair, make-up, and we’ve got the wrong dress.  So it’s into the car I go, with a two hour journey to fetch the correct dresses.

Two hours later, and the time is now almost mid-day  What else could go wrong?  Queue the bar manager.  ”We’re just about to open up to the public.  It won’t be a problem will it?”.  Somehow we were under the impression that we had until mid afternoon.  Where we got that from nobody would admit to.

Can you imagine some of the faces of the customers when the wedding dresses started to appear, especially when Loretta made had debut?  Priceless.

Luckily as far as bad luck goes, that was the lot for the day.  All the main characters got back home safely, free to reap havoc another day.  Seriously, without the help from everyone the day would have been a disaster.

As far as images go, we obviously should not have worried.  Mark did his magic as can be seen in the fantastic shots in the gallery.

So?  Are peacocks lucky or unlucky?  Judge for yourself.  Let’s just say, they’re rather pretty, aren’t they?


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